a celtic prayer for the start of holy week

April 2, 2012

“O Divine Peacemaker,

you know the rising of passion at all that is not just.

You know that peace comes, not sweet-faced and false, but with a sword.  

Come with your sword of justice and cut away all that beguiles me

and keeps me from seeing the truth.  

Cut away the layers I create so I can avoid relating.  

Cut away my shame when it blinds me to another’s power to humiliate

and does not belong to me.  

Cut away the anxieties that prevent me from looking towards the world.  

Cut away all the tasks I invent to shore up kin and kind,

so I may remember my unknown family, who will go without today.  

Cut away the complexity of my daily doing so I may love simply.  

O Divine One bring me your peace as I set forth this day.”

 -“The Celtic Wheel of the Year: Celtic and Christian Season Prayers” by Tess Ward.  




One Response to “a celtic prayer for the start of holy week”

  1. Wonderful prayer. Thank you so much for sharing that. : ))

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