13 things I love about you

October 4, 2011

For my wife and friend on our 13th anniversary.

Marriage is a beautiful and imperfect reflection of Christ’s love for his church. I am grateful for what “God has brought together” and as we’ve attempted to grow in patience and forgiveness towards one-another He has met us time and again.  I offer the following as an honest yet brief beginning of the things I love and celebrate about you…

1. Passion for life.

2. Genuine love for people.

3. Authentic faith in Christ.

4. Mind for knowledge.

5. Honest heart.

6. Competitive spirit.

7. Wisdom in parenting our boys.

8. Desire for improvement – yes I do love this! 😉

9. Love of dancing.

10. Grace for the faults in others (especially mine).

11. Believing the best in others.

12. Empathy for the hurting.

13. Your rock star/Hollywood persona!  😉  You know you got it!

Happy 13th Anniversary babe!  I love you.  I believe in you and I believe in us.

Come away with me tonight?


One Response to “13 things I love about you”

  1. You two are among the fortunate few whom God has chosen to bless with what I call “friendship-love.” Do your very best to hang onto it.


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