hope and fear pt 2

August 14, 2011

See part 1 here.  What is fear?  “A true fear of God is a beautiful thing.  It is worship, love and veneration.” –  A.W. Tozer

A few weeks ago Vanessa and I took our boys to Virginia Beach for some sand and surf.  While my two oldest boys took to the ocean like newly hatched sea turtles when they were old enough to crawl our youngest was not so enthusiastic.  Josiah (now 2) loves to swim so we thought that he would be in high gear the whole time – which is pretty much how he lives every day.  We knew it would be a full-time effort to simply keep him close to us while in the  water but instead he was petrified of getting near the ocean.  I think the waves freaked him out a bit…er, a lot.  So after a few hours of baking in the sun and digging in the sand I decided it was time to scoop him up and carry him into the water to cool and clean.  He didn’t really appreciate it as I had hoped.

While the people around us surely thought I was some heartless parent bent on pushing the boundaries of what is and is not child abuse I assure you he was never anywhere close to physical harm.  Psychological maybe, but physical no way.  But man can that kid scream!  He managed to crawl himself up to wrap one of his legs around my neck while screaming and pointing to the shore.  Meanwhile I’m trying to get out deep enough so the waves aren’t crashing right on top of us which was perpetuating the problem.

I wish I could say he calmed down and enjoyed the safety and security of resting in his dad’s arms, but at least the water was cool and it did clean him up.

Psalm 147: 7-11 reads: “His (God’s) delight is not in the strength of the horse, nor his pleasure in the legs of a man, but the LORD takes pleasure in those who fear him, in those who hope in his steadfast love.”



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