So what do a bunch of guys – some of whom attend the same church – want to do to relax and get to know one another a little better do during the hot and humid months of summer?  Go for a 35 mile hike up and down mountains in the most remote parts of the North Carolina/Tennessee border of course!   I grew up going hiking with my dad and brother on parts of the Appalachian Trail so I was in familiar territory… or at least I thought so.  Last Thursday we started off with a time of prayer and reading Psalm 104 and ended the 35 mile trek on Sunday (Fathers’ day) afternoon.   In between the two were the ups and downs of mountain trails and friendships,Top of Max Patch both old and new.  Unlike many of our female counterparts, we men often have to push ourselves to the point of near exhaustion to drill down past the hardened surfaces.  When we’re able to though friendships are forged and we’re the better for it.  I already miss the trail!