Last night my wife and I had dinner with another couple after going to hear Tim Keller speak at Wake Forest University.   Somehow we got to discussing a few vices that we shared in common:  for us guys it was a sweet tooth but for the ladies it was shopping… mostly at TJMaxx!  The similarities were quite funny and we had some good laughs at just how alike our wives were regarding the time spent looking for “awesome deals” even if the purchases weren’t really necessary.

I digress here to say that my wife (and our friend as well) are both very frugal  deal magnets when it comes to shopping.  As I type this I’m getting emails regarding stuff that my wife purchased at TJMaxx and has listed on Craigslist and Amazon at a nice little profit for us… so my complaining is certainly tongue-in-cheek.  That being said, I do sincerely hate going shopping with my wife… as much as I do love her!

At a certain pause in the conversation, when we were catching our collective breath from laughing so hard, my wife broke out with this gem:  “I think that what I really long for in my heart are beauty, playfulness and rest, and going shopping is one of the ways I try to fulfill some of those desires now rather than finding those now in my relationship with God and recognizing the future beauty he gives us in streets of gold, mansions and Himself.”

Well said babe!  Well said!

Oh yeah, and Keller was pretty good too!


first blog post

March 15, 2010

Well here it is!  My first ever “official” blog post.  I only name it as such so you will know I’m a complete newbie at blogging.  But also in the hopes that someday I’ll be able to look back over a somewhat substantial body of work and point to it as some type of sentimental beginning.

If you are reading this then we’re probably really good friends, family or at least “friends” on Facebook or you’ve simply wondered across this somehow and my writing prowess has drawn you in too deep!   OK so not the latter.  Truth is I’ve wanted to start a blog for some time now but I have not… probably because I’m a terrible procrastinator but also because life is extremely full when you have three boys (Jonathan 6, Caleb 5, and Josiah 9-months at the time of this posting) a business you’re trying to build, seminary courses to finish and an incredible wife (Vanessa) who has been encouraging me to do this for a long time.

I must confess upfront that, more-than-likely, this blog will be more therapeutic for me than anything else for those that choose to read it.  Truth is I don’t feel as though I fit into our world very well.  We live in a time of specialized knowledge and niche markets on a global scale, and either I have ADHD or I simply love too many subjects to be of much marketable value to any of them!  Either way I’ve been somewhat vocationally challenged a lot of my adult life and hopefully by writing about the many subjects that interest me here I will be able to focus and refine my strengths on what exactly it is I should spend the rest of my life pursuing.  I pray this is an encouragement for you to do the same.

Calvin opened his Institutes of the Christian Religion with “The sum of true wisdom-viz. the knowledge of God and of ourselves.”  I hope to explore a lot of both of those… and I hope you’ll join in the conversation.

I will aim to be honest with my thoughts and welcome your honest feedback.

The Horn Family in Fall '09